1922 by Stephen King | Book & Adaptation Review

1922 by Stephen King (first story in Full Dark, No Stars)

Goodreads rating: 3.84

Pages: 153

Genre: Adult, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Historical Fiction

Date published: Nov 9th, 2010 (USA)

My rating: ★★★★☆

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A violence awakens inside a man when his wife proposes selling off the family homestead, setting in motion a grisly train of murder and madness.

My review

Trigger warnings: racism and sexism. Also murder, because it is Stephen King.

1922 was published in a short story collection called Full Dark, No Stars. It is rather long, one of the longest in the book.

The story begins with the narrator, Wilfred, telling us this is his confession. He committed a crime, with the help of his son, Henry, and the whole story consists of him telling us why and how he did it, and all the consequences that came from it. As the title suggests, it mostly takes place in 1922, but we also briefly see what happens from 1922 to 1930.

If there is something I love to see in books, it’s historical accuracy, and we definitely get that with this short story. King did a great job at portraying the 20’s. Firstly, there are old-fashioned words, such as ‘grippe’ (the flu). Secondly, there is racism. Lastly, we have sexism. I mean, it can’t get any more 1920’s than that, can it? 😀 (below are a couple of quotes to illustrate these)
Moreover, it is set in the Midwest (Nebraska), so we see a lot of what the rural life in the years leading up to the Great Depression was like, and how they were already struggling during the 20’s.

“You might find yourself going to high school with black niggers”

“Such a bitch!”

“‘Because most women are,’ I said. ‘It’s an ineradicable part of their natures'”

This was the first “book” I read by Stephen King, and I must say I am impressed with the story he created, as well as his [incredibly descriptive] writing. The things this man comes up with… I literally had nightmares because of this story last night, that’s how much it impacted me!

“I thought of tying the wrist off with elastics – of killing my left hand in an effort to save the rest of me – and even of amputating it with the hatchet we used to chop up kindling and behead the occasional chicken.”

Quite the image, huh? There is waaaay worse, but I didn’t want to include it because it would spoil the story for you.

The narrative in 1922 is very gripping – or at least it was for me. To give you an example, the narrator keeps mentioning things, but doesn’t explain them right away, and proceeds to say something like “I will tell you about that soon”. That definitely kept me interested, and wanting to finish the story so I could find out what the hell happened.
You might, however, find it a bit slow at first, but once it picks up, you’ll be hooked!


Warning: watching the trailer will spoil the short story, although you’d probably find out what happens within 2 or 3 pages of the story – he tells you right away.

IMDB page – 6.4/10 stars

Director: Zak Hilditch

Writers: Stephen King (novel), Zak Hilditch (screenplay)

Stars: Thomas Jane, Molly Parker, Dylan Schmid, and others


I have just finished watching the Netflix adaptation of 1922, and I must say I really liked it! I was a bit skeptical because of the format of the story. I was having trouble imagining a way for this to work and make sense as a movie, but they totally nailed it!

The main character was ON POINT, he was just like the Wilf from the original story, and had the strongest accent you could imagine 😀 The one character that wasn’t exactly like in the book was Henry. In the book, he seems much more shy and awkward, but in the movie he’s more outgoing.

Stephen King’s vivid and morbid descriptions were amazingly done, although some of them weren’t included in the movie (thank god, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep, yet again).

Just as with the story, we also get the amazing historical setting in the movie. Best part? The cars and the clothes, for sure! 😀

Overall, I thought the movie was very faithful to the story and, therefore, a great adaptation. Original story aside, it’s an amazing thriller/horror movie, with quite a few jump scares and dramatically scary background music – just the way I like them!

Note: if dying or suffering animals are something that really upsets you, you might want to skip this one.

My rating: 7/10 stars

So that’s all for this special post dedicated to 1922! I really hope you enjoyed reading it. This is my first time reviewing a movie though, so if it’s utter crap, I deeply apologize 😀 I should figure out a structure for future movie reviews!

Have you read or seen 1922? What are your thoughts on it? Tell me in the comments below!!

Thank you so much for reading,
I’ll see you in my next post ♡

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