Bookish Goals for 2018

One of my favorite parts of being almost done with another year is setting goals. I set goals for every part of my life, even if I know I probably won’t meet them – it still makes me feel excited and productive about the new year.

Today’s post is all about my reading goals for 2018, which I am very excited to share with you! They’re not in any particular order, by the way. If you’re interested, you can check out my 2017 resolutions here.

Let’s get right into the goals…

1. Read books in all the languages I speak

I won’t be taking any more language classes (except for Latin), which means I will start to lose my language skills. The goal here is to read as much as I can in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish, so that I keep in contact with all languages.

I won’t go out of my way to do this, it’s simply choosing to read Carlos Ruiz Zafón in the original language, for example, instead of a translation.

2. Read more classics

Last year I wanted to read one classic each month, or at least 10 throughout the year. Truth is, I did read a bunch of classics, but they were all Greek and Roman classics. Problem: I have a whole shelf full of Jane Austen, Katherine Mansfield, Charles Dickens, etc., so this year, I want to read as many of those as I can and make a dent in that shelf. I’m going for at least 5 classics, but hoping for more!

3. Read Portuguese authors

This one is one of my top goals to achieve next year, and it’s sort of a continuation of the previous one. Portugal has such rich literature, yet here I am, barely reading books written in my native language. I REALLY need to change that. I bought three books by Portuguese authors this year – two contemporary novels, and one classic. I want to read those three and many more in 2018, as many as I can.

A good part of this goal is that I can borrow these books from any library near me, so I don’t necessarily have to buy them 😀

4. Book-buying ban

I know, this is the universal goal on the book community, but I REALLY need to stop myself from buying books. The other day I counted up all of my books, and how many of the books on my shelves I had read… I’ve read 20% of them. TWENTY PERCENT, ARE YOU KIDDING!? That’s nothing, I need to get my shit together and stop buying so many damn books.

The only exceptions to this will be my most anticipated 2018 releases, Portuguese classics (only if they’re on sale) and books that I get/buy for my birthday/Christmas. That’s it – I can’t control my TBR if I keep buying so many books, it’s insane!!

5. The 5-to-1 rule

This one is a simple – but effective – rule. For every book that I buy, I have to compensate by reading five books. I’m really hoping that this will help me control both my book-buying and my TBR, which are out of control at this moment.

6. Book unhauls

Every 3 months or so, I will have to go through my bookshelves and get rid of any books I am no longer interested in, or have read but don’t like. I will either sell them, or donate them – doesn’t really matter, as long as I get my shelves a bit less full and my TBR under control.

7. Keep improving my blog & Instagram

This one is self-explanatory 😛 I basically want to keep growing my social media, as I have done this year

8. Finish the books and series I’ve started

I have the terrible habit of starting books and stopping around 10% of the way in, and then never picking them up again. Now, I’m determined to finish all of those. Similarly, I tend to read first books in series, but then I don’t continue with the series, even when I loved the first book. In 2018, I’m going to attempt to finish the series I have started – and I’ll be starting some series as well, which means I’ll have to read way more next year…

Alright, those are all of my bookish goals for 2018. I really hope I can achieve them, or at least most of them. Hope you enjoyed this post!

What are your goals for next year? Let me know all about them in the comments down bellow!!

Thank you for reading,
I’ll see you in my next post ♡

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