Review: Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson

32768905Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson

Goodreads rating: 3.74

Pages: 352

Genre: Adult, Thriller, Mystery

Date published: Feb 25th, 2003 (USA)

My rating: ★★★★☆

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Growing up, Kate Priddy was always a bit neurotic, experiencing momentary bouts of anxiety that exploded into full-blown panic attacks after an ex-boyfriend kidnapped her and nearly ended her life. When Corbin Dell, a distant cousin in Boston, suggests the two temporarily swap apartments, Kate, an art student in London, agrees, hoping that time away in a new place will help her overcome the recent wreckage of her life.

Soon after her arrival at Corbin’s grand apartment on Beacon Hill, Kate makes a shocking discovery: his next-door neighbor, a young woman named Audrey Marshall, has been murdered. When the police question her about Corbin, a shaken Kate has few answers, and many questions of her own—curiosity that intensifies when she meets Alan Cherney, a handsome, quiet tenant who lives across the courtyard, in the apartment facing Audrey’s. Alan saw Corbin surreptitiously come and go from Audrey’s place, yet he’s denied knowing her. Then, Kate runs into a tearful man claiming to be the dead woman’s old boyfriend, who insists Corbin did the deed the night that he left for London.

When she reaches out to her cousin, he proclaims his innocence and calms her nerves–until she comes across disturbing objects hidden in the apartment and accidentally learns that Corbin is not where he says he is. Could Corbin be a killer? What about Alan? Kate finds herself drawn to this appealing man who seems so sincere, yet she isn’t sure. Jet-lagged and emotionally unstable, her imagination full of dark images caused by the terror of her past, Kate can barely trust herself, so how could she take the chance on a stranger she’s just met?

My review

Trigger warnings: murder, violence, stalking, break-ins, creepy ass behavior

Let me start off by saying this is one of my top books I’ve read this year. I really, really enjoyed it, and I’m here to tell you why.

Firstly, the premise of the book is very intriguing and original. Kate moves in to an apartment in Boston, and from the second she gets there, everything about this move is already doomed. Why? Because a girl in the apartment next to hers has been murdered. I mean, who doesn’t want to pick up this book just from that bit of information?

Years later, Kate wondered how long he’d been in Windermere watching her and following her before he made his appearance.

The characters are not exactly lovable. They are very flawed, and some of them are fucked up to no end. But they’re so well-built and written, that you’ll love reading about them. Even the fucked up ones lol Just for a taste (no pun intended) of what I mean by ‘fucked up’, read the quote below.

He looked in the bathroom; her toothbrush was recently used, still wet, and he put it in his mouth, sucked the minty taste out of the bristles.

Yeeeaaahh… That’s not even the worst thing some of these characters do, obviously, but that really messed with me. It’s so damn CREEPY!!! This book is scary. Not scary in a ‘horror’ way, but scary in a ‘this can totally happen in real-life’ way. In a way, it’s good that it makes you watch out for certain things, but also I literally had trouble falling asleep after reading this book lol

This was my first Peter Swanson read, and I really loved his writing. It reads like a dream, honestly. When I first picked it up, I was in the process of writing that essay on Atonement, but I couldn’t put it down and read 100 pages – even though I was pressed for time. His writing flows very nicely, and the different POVs are not as confusing as they can be sometimes.

They had been wronged, and they got their revenge. And now they’d gotten away with it. And that was the whole story.

There was one single flaw that made me not give Her Every Fear five stars. As you read the book, and especially near the end, it feels like there is going to be a final twist, some sort of revelation. There were elements, loose ends that Swanson could have taken and turned into a plot twist. But he didn’t, and, somehow, it felt a bit disappointing. The book hits its climax, but you think the climax is still to come, if you get what I’m saying.

I definitely want to pick up his other books, though. I have The Kind Worth Killing sitting on my shelf, so that will definitely be one of my next reads!

★★★★☆ 4/5 stars

Have you read Her Every Fear? What did you think about that ending? Let me know in the comments! ♡

In conclusion, I definitely recommend that you pick up this book, it’s an amazing thriller that will most likely make you stay aware of your surroundings.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on Her Every Fear and if you’d like, check out my other book reviews!

Thank you so much for reading,
I’ll see you in my next post ♡

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