June Book Haul 📚

Another month, another excessive amount of book-buying. I am basically drowning in my TBR, but you know what, I love having a lot of books. Is there anything better than going through your bookshelves and choosing what to read next? I can’t think of anything better! 🙌🏼

I put up a few poles on Instagram for you to vote on the format you preferred for different kinds of content, and most people said they preferred book hauls to be videos – so that’s what I bring you today!

I doubt I’ll be getting many books in July – well, I’m hoping that I won’t because otherwise, I won’t have the time to read everything during the summer 😅

Did you get any books in June? Have you read any of these? Let me know all about them in the comments down bellow!!

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Netgalley Haul | June ’18

You guys already know I have problems with self-control, right? Well, that’s even worse when I go on Netgalley… I have gotten some books in the past weeks, so I’ll be sharing my excitement with you 😍 I really should stop requesting books until I read the other ones, but it’s been hard because there are so many exciting books on NG 😕

But enough rambling, let’s get into the books…

¡click the covers to go to the NetGalley page!

The Way of All Flesh by Ambrose Parry

Edinburgh, 1847. City of Medicine, Money, Murder. Young women are being discovered dead across the Old Town, all having suffered similarly gruesome ends. In the New Town, medical student Will Raven is about to start his apprenticeship with the brilliant and renowned Dr Simpson. Simpson’s patients range from the richest to the poorest of this divided city. His house is like no other, full of visiting luminaries and daring experiments in the new medical frontier of anaesthesia. It is here that Raven meets housemaid Sarah Fisher, who recognises trouble when she sees it and takes an immediate dislike to him. She has all of his intelligence but none of his privileges, in particular his medical education. With each having their own motive to look deeper into these deaths, Raven and Sarah find themselves propelled headlong into the darkest shadows of Edinburgh’s underworld, where they will have to overcome their differences if they are to make it out alive.

This one I got because it kind of reminded me of Jack the Ripper, who is a fascinating figure to me. Also, how can you resist this cover? 😍

Historical Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers | Oct 2, 2018

Sadie by Courtney Summers

A missing girl on a journey of revenge and a Serial—like podcast following the clues she’s left behind. Sadie hasn’t had an easy life. Growing up on her own, she’s been raising her sister Mattie in an isolated small town, trying her best to provide a normal life and keep their heads above water. But when Mattie is found dead, Sadie’s entire world crumbles. After a somewhat botched police investigation, Sadie is determined to bring her sister’s killer to justice and hits the road following a few meager clues to find him. When West McCray—a radio personality working on a segment about small, forgotten towns in America—overhears Sadie’s story at a local gas station, he becomes obsessed with finding the missing girl. He starts his own podcast as he tracks Sadie’s journey, trying to figure out what happened, hoping to find her before it’s too late.

This one was sent to me by St. Martin’s Press and I am beyond excited to read and review it. The review will be up by late August 😉

Young Adult | Sep 4, 2018

My Whole Truth by Mischa Thrace

Seventeen-year-old Seelie Stanton never wanted to kill someone. She never wanted to be invisible in her own family, she never wanted to crush on her best friend Alyssa, and she definitely never wanted to know how effectively a mallet could destroy someone’s head. 

But the universe doesn’t care what she wants. Shane Mayfield doesn’t care what Seelie wants either. When the former high school basketball star attacks her, she has no choice but to defend herself. She saved her own life, but she can’t bring herself to talk about what happened that night. Not all of it. Not even when she’s arrested for murder.

This cover captured my attention and, after reading the synopsis, I couldn’t resist! I’m very curious to read from the perspective of a high school student that is arrested for murder, never read anything like that before.

Mystery & Thrillers, Young Adult | Oct 2, 2018

The Girl from Berlin by Ronald H. Balson 

An old friend calls Catherine Lockhart and Liam Taggart to his famous Italian restaurant to enlist their help. His aunt is being evicted from her home in the Tuscan hills by a powerful corporation claiming they own the deeds, even though she can produce her own set of deeds to her land. Catherine and Liam’s only clue is a bound handwritten manuscript, entirely in German, and hidden in its pages is a story long-forgotten…

Ada Baumgarten was born in Berlin in 1918, at the end of the war. The daughter of an accomplished first-chair violinist in the prestigious Berlin Philharmonic, and herself a violin prodigy, Ada’s life was full of the rich culture of Berlin’s interwar society. She formed a deep attachment to her childhood friend Kurt, but they were torn apart by the growing unrest as her Jewish family came under suspicion. As the tides of history turned, it was her extraordinary talent that would carry her through an unraveling society turned to war, and make her a target even as it saved her, allowing her to move to Bologna—though Italy was not the haven her family had hoped, and further heartache awaited.

What became of Ada? How is she connected to the conflicting land deeds of a small Italian villa? As they dig through the layers of lies, corruption, and human evil, Catherine and Liam uncover an unfinished story of heart, redemption, and hope—the ending of which is yet to be written.

This one was also sent to me by St. Martin’s Press. It’s the next book in a series – you can read my review of the previous one here. I think I’m going to enjoy this one way more, I’m very excited about it.

Historical Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers | Oct 9, 2018

Her Mother’s Grave by Lisa Regan

When two young boys discover human bones buried beneath a tree in a trailer park, Detective Josie Quinn races to join her team at the scene. She used to play in those woods as a child, happier outside and away from her abusive mother, Belinda Rose.

Josie’s past crashes into her present when a rare dental condition confirms the bones belong to a teenage foster-child who was murdered thirty years ago. A girl named Belinda Rose…

Josie hasn’t seen her mother in years but, with an undeniable connection between her mother and the dead girl, does she dare try to track her down?

Just as Josie gets closer to uncovering a secret that will shatter her world forever, another body is uncovered. It’s suddenly clear that someone very close to Josie will stop at nothing to keep the truth buried forever.

As she battles the demons from her past, can Josie stop this killer before another precious life is taken?

Although this is part of a series I’m not familiar with, I couldn’t resist that title, so I’m gonna dive in head-first and pray that you can read these out of order 😅

General Fiction (Adult), Mystery & Thrillers | July 19, 2018

And Then There Were Crows by Alcy Leyva

New York City has always been a big fat sack of stress attacks for Amanda Grey. From turning herself into knots to evade rubbing ass cheeks with strangers on the train, to round-housing public bathroom door handles to stave off plague contaminations, Grey has always found the simple technique of avoidance best in dealing with NYC. What’s always saved her—what’s always served as her bastion from the City’s bright lights and cat-calling construction workers—was the little one-bedroom apartment in Queens she’s shared with her parents. Of course, that’s all about to change.

When her parents go on an extended vacation and leave Grey to her own devices, she quickly manages to screw everything up, soon finding herself broke, behind on rent, and facing eviction. That’s how fast life in the city goes: One second, your biggest concern is rising Metrocard costs and avoiding eye contact with creepy looking children. The next, you’re nearly murdered by a man infested with demons, one of which you’ve rented your bedroom to, and before you know it you’ve set into motion the biblical apocalypse prophesized in the Book of Revelations—literally.

Grey goes from a woman concentrated on clamping down on her own personal demons to the woman responsible for recapturing the six Shades she’s unleashed on the city. To accomplish this, she must venture out into a society even more alien to her now than before—oh, and try to stay alive, too. She manages to survive by accepting the help of Barnem, a seraphim who just happens to reside in an upstairs apartment and also just so happens to be equally terrible at human interactions as she is. Oddly, the demon Grey now shares an apartment with also steps up to help her vanquish the Shades, though she can’t be sure if it’s out of roommate loyalty or a secret plot to enslave humankind. Probably the latter.

Together the unlikely trio faces a bevy of social demons, from navigating political warfare, to breaking the curse of infomercials, to figuring out exactly how Grey becomes the leader of a cult. For Grey, it becomes harder and harder to tell the difference between the ills of society and the influence of the Shades. She begins to notice that living with her social anxieties makes her more sensitive to the oddities around her, which, ironically, seems to make her the perfect person to deal with the world’s mounting weirdness. As Grey comes to be part of a society that has accepted the strange ways we communicate with each other, she questions if the “social sanity” she felt excluded from her entire life ever really existed in the first place.

I am auto-approved to read Black Spot Books’s titles, and when the synopsis is to my liking, I don’t think twice and immediately send it to my Kindle. The reviews say it’s dark, gruesome and hilarious, so I’m very curious 😋

General Fiction (Adult), Sci Fi & Fantasy | July 3, 2018

The House at Saltwater Point by Colleen Coble

The dangerous beauty of Lavender Tides is harboring secrets that reach around the world.

Ellie Blackmore is making a name for herself as a house flipper. But when her sister Mackenzie disappears, Ellie can’t focus on anything but uncovering what happened. Her only clue is the bloodstain on the deck of Mackenzie’s boat. Ellie knows her sister isn’t on the best of terms with her ex-husband, Jason, but he wouldn’t kill her—would he? 

Coast Guard intelligence officer Grayson Bradshaw believes Mackenzie faked her own death after stealing a seized cocaine shipment. The problem is convincing Ellie, who seems to view him as the true enemy.

Both Ellie and Grayson want truth, but truth—and family—is often more complex than it first appears. From international terrorism to the peaceful lavender fields of Puget Sound, The House at Saltwater Point is a thrilling race to uncover the truth before it’s too late.

I saw this book on Zuky’s post a while ago and thought the synopsis was very intriguing, so I requested it as well.

Christian, Mystery & Thrillers | July 3, 2018

The Death and Life of Eleanor Parker by Kerry Wilkinson

‘I will never forget the night I drowned…’ 

A village with something to hide.

Seventeen-year-old Eleanor Parker wakes up cold and alone in the river that twists through her quiet village. She has no memory of how she got there. But she does know that another girl was drowned in the same river the summer before, held under the water by an unknown killer…

A community torn apart.

Eleanor is a normal, every day teenager. She argues with her mum, spends her days with her best friend, and is looking forward to a carefree summer of sunshine and music. Who would want to hurt her?

A shocking secret.

Determined to unlock the mystery of what really happened to her, Eleanor can’t escape the feeling that something awful links her to the previous summer’s murder. But will she find out the truth before it’s too late?

There’s been some buzz around this book, so I was very curious. And then I read that first line of the synopsis: ‘I will never forget the night I drowned…’ – I mean goddamn, don’t you want to immediately read this? 😱

Mystery & Thrillers, Young Adult | Jul 26, 2018

Smothered by Autumn Chiklis

A humorous debut crossover young adult novel about what happens when entering the “real world” means moving back in with your mother, inspired by actress and celebrity Autumn Chiklis’ real life. Eloise “Lou” Hansen is graduating from Columbia University summa cum laude, and she’s ready to conquer the world. Just a few minor problems: she has no job, no prospects, and she’s moving back into her childhood bedroom. Lou is grimly determined to stick to a rigorous schedule to get a job and get out of her parents’ house. Shelly “Mama Shell” Hansen, on the other hand, is ecstatic, and just as determined to keep her at home. Who else will help her hide her latest binge-shopping purchases from her husband, go to SoulCycle with her, and hold her hand during Botox shots? Smothered is a hilarious roman à clef told via journal entries, text messages, emails, bills, receipts, tweets, doctor’s prescriptions, job applications and rejections, parking tickets, and pug pictures, chronicling the year that Lou moves back home after college. Told from Lou’s point-of-view, Smothered tells the story of two young(ish) women, just trying to get it right, and learning that just because we all grow up doesn’t mean we necessarily have to grow old. (After all, what is Juvaderm for?)


Finally, a lighter read! This one was just sent to me by St. Martin’s Press as well, and it sounds like a perfect summer read, as I said in my Summer Reading Recommendations post. My review should be up soon 😉

New Adult, Women’s Fiction | Aug 7, 2018

Alright y’all, those were the books I got from Netgalley this month. I’m planning on taking a break from requesting until I read all of these, but we’ll see if I can stick with it 😅

Did you get any books lately? Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments down below!!

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Book Haul | Lisbon Book Fair 💸

I’ve already mentioned in my wrap-up that I met one of my favorite authors at the Lisbon Book Fair this year. Today, I’ll be telling you all about the book fair, the people I met and the books I got. Hope you enjoy!

May 26th

On this day, I went to the fair specifically for the book signing with Sara Blædel. She was there to present the latest book of hers that came out in Portugal and, of course, to sign books. She also gave the crowd a sort of pep talk by telling us how she writes and giving writing advice.


She’s super nice and she made me laugh a lot during her speech. Also, look how beautiful she is holy crap 😍

This was the first time I ever met an author, so I was rather nervous, as you can probably tell by my face and weird smile 😅

I met a lot of fellow bloggers at the fair and was recognized by someone who watches my booktube videos, which was very cool 👌🏼

What I got


June 2nd

This was the day we had scheduled a booktube meeting. I finally met all of the people I watch on the daily and honestly I wish we could have days like this one every single week! 😭 The Portuguese booktube community is rather small, so we all know each other and we are very close. I can’t wait for the next time I get to be with them! 💕

We all brought with us some books we didn’t want anymore to donate, but beforehand we went through each person’s books and kept the books that we wanted. I ended up giving a couple of mine away, and I also kept some books.

Books I got for free

Image result for the babes in the wood ruth rendell  Image result for road rage ruth rendell  Image result for the snowman jo nesbo book cover  Image result for the secret place tana french

The Babes in the Wood by Ruth Rendell

Road Rage by Ruth Rendell

The Snowman by Jo Nesbø

The Secret Place by Tana French (the hardcover is on BD for 63% off!)

             Image result for o falador mario vargas llosa   Image result for tales of terror and detection edgar allan poe cover

O Espião Português by Nuno Nepomuceno (Portuguese thriller)

The Storyteller by Mario Vargas Llosa

Tales of Terror and Detection by Edgar Allan Poe

What I bought

Image result for the nest cover    Image result for the nightingale cover

The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

June 10th

This was another day in which I went to the fair just to meet an author – this time my favorite Portuguese author.

I had actually ordered another one of his books, but it didn’t get here on time so he didn’t sign that one 😭 But he did sign four books, so that’s quite a lot – poor man! 😅

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Meeting Mário Zambujal is definitely a highlight of my life – the fangirl was real, y’all! 😄 He wrote a little paragraph on each book, a dedicatory for me, so I will cherish these books forever, you can bet on that 😋

What I got

Image result for eudora welty the optimist's daughter cover  Image result for the real life of sebastian knight cover

The Optimist’s Daughter by Eudora Welty

The Real Life of Sebastian Knight by Vladimir Nabokov

Alright y’all, that’s a wrap on my adventures through the Lisbon Book Fair of 2018. I think I behaved quite well, I only bought 5 books and they all had a very high discount! 😋

Have you met any of your favorite authors? Let me know all about your experience in the comments down bellow!!

Thank you for reading,
I’ll see you in my next post ♡

May Book Haul 📚

Apparently I can’t help myself and I keep getting more books… 😅 Fortunately, though, this month wasn’t too bad for my wallet (the one who’s suffering is my TBR). Out of the 9 books I’ll be showing you, I only bought three of them. The rest of them were either sent to me by the authors/publishers or given to me by family members – thank you so much! 🙌🏼

But enough rambling, let’s get into the books…

Macbeth by Jo Nesbø

Hollywood by Keegan Allen

Daughter by Jane Shemilt

This Does Not Leave This House by Julie Coons

The Night Women by Sara Blædel

The Fire Witness by Lars Kepler

Portuguese Authors

Ponto de Retorno by Gabriela Simões

Uma Senhora Nunca by Patricia Müller

O Luto de Elias Gro by João Tordo

Ensina-me a Voar Sobre os Telhados by João Tordo

How amazing are the last two covers!? 😍 I’m obsessed!!

Alright y’all, those were the books I got last month. I’m beyond excited about all of them, so I should be reading a few in June already 👌🏼 I wish I could say I’ll be better this month, but I’ve already gotten a few new books, so I’ve screwed up yet again 😅

Did you get any books in May? Have you read any of these? Let me know all about them in the comments down bellow!!

Thank you for reading,
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Book Unhaul 🙅🏻

As you can probably tell by my latest book haul, I definitely need to control myself and stop getting new books… Here’s how I’m fixing it without a book-buying ban: I’m getting rid of the books I don’t want anymore! Genius, right? Not really, it doesn’t solve my TBR problem at all, just doesn’t make it worse 😅

I went through my shelves and picked out a few books that I knew I wouldn’t read, as well as a book that I had two copies of. Unhauling books was one of my goals for 2018, so I will probably do this a few more times throughout the year 🙌🏼

Alright, let’s get into the books I got rid of…

Eragon, Brisingr, and Eldest by Christopher Paolini

When I first discovered booktube, I saw these books all the time. I eventually got the first three on AwesomeBooks but I will probably never read them. They’re part of a middle grade series and I’ve found myself not really enjoying middle grade anymore, so these big ass books have got to go.

Just a Girl Standing in Front of a Boy by Lucy-Anne Holmes

This is a chick-lit I read forever ago and it was an ok read. I think I gave it 4 stars back then, but it’s more like a 3-star book. Not very memorable, so I gave it away.

Anarchy and Old Dogs by Colin Cotterill

I got this for 1€ at a local book fair a couple years ago, having no idea what it was about. Turns out, it’s the eleventh book in a series and, apparently, it involves politics (especially communism), so not about that life. Gave it away, maybe someone else will appreciate it?

Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher

I haven’t started reading this series yet because I absentmindedly bought a pocket edition on AwesomeBooks and I literally cannot read a book with such tiny font without getting a headache, so I gave it to a friend who likes this author’s books but doesn’t have this one 😁

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Now you know this is one of my favorite books of all time, but I have two copies of it, so I gave one away to a friend of mine who hadn’t read it yet.

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater 

Everyone raves about Maggie Stiefvater, so I started collecting her books without ever reading them. This one is the first in a series about werewolves, which is soooo 2008 😄
On a serious note, I doubt I would ever enjoy this series – if I ever got to it! -, so it’s time to let it go. I will say, however, that this book has a very cool detail: the font is a blue-ish gray, which is not that usual! 👍🏼

So this is the first batch of books I donated this year. It feels pretty good, I must admit, but there’s a tiny problem: I’ve bought way more books than I have given away 😅 Pray for my TBR guys, it desperately needs divine intervention 😂

Have you unhauled any books this year? Let me know all about them in the comments down bellow!!

Thank you for reading,
I’ll see you in my next post ♡

eBook Haul 📱

In my last book haul I asked if you’d like to see an eBook haul as well – and someone said yes, so that’s what I’ll be doing today! I’ll be showing you the books I got in the last couple months. Let’s get right into it!

Bury the Lead by Cassondra Windwalker

39785014Weekly newspaper editor Jeff Paine’s mind is filled with the detritus of newspaper clippings, presidential tweets, crossword puzzles, and horoscopes. When his artist girlfriend Ada Grigori announces her intention to leave him, he becomes obsessed with finding—or manufacturing—connections between otherwise unrelated events. Driven by professional curiosity and unrelenting cynicism, Paine uses his newspaper to manipulate the people of his hometown of Brisby, Colorado into revealing the ugliness lurking beneath their placid exteriors.

A series of gruesome dog mutilations already have the town on edge when Paine’s carefully worded and technically factual stories stir up vigilante justice against a harmless old homeless man. Spurred on by the unexpected ease of his success, Paine sets his sights on exploiting the town’s hidden prejudices for financial gain and his own amusement. Meanwhile, no-one but Paine notices that a young transient man has gone missing.

Exasperated with the plasticity of public sentiment and consumed by his own search for truth, Paine creates a trail of evidence that will ultimately both convict him of murder and set him free on appeal. The public will never know the truth of what became of Ada or of the young transient Brett, but the reader will have all the answers…if she can decipher them.

Lies by T.M. Logan


What if you have the perfect life, the perfect wife and the perfect child—then, in one shattering moment, you discover nothing is as it seems? Now you are in the sights of a ruthless killer determined to destroy everything you treasure.

It’s the evening drive home from work on a route Joe Lynch has taken a hundred times with his young son. But today, Joe sees his wife meet another man—an encounter that will rip two families apart. Raising the question: Can we ever really trust those closest to us?

Joe will do whatever it takes to protect his family, but as the deception unravels, so does his life. A life played out without any rules. And a cunning opponent who’s always one step ahead.

Dying Truth by Angela Marsons

39501802How far would you go to protect your darkest secrets?

When teenager Sadie Winter jumps from the roof of her school, her death is ruled as suicide – a final devastating act from a troubled girl. But then the broken body of a young boy is discovered at the same school and it’s clear to Detective Kim Stone that these deaths are not tragic accidents.

As Kim and her team begin to unravel a dark web of secrets, one of the teachers could hold the key to the truth. Yet just as she is about to break her silence, she is found dead.

With more children’s lives at risk, Kim has to consider the unthinkable – whether a fellow pupil could be responsible for the murders. Investigating the psychology of children that kill brings the detective into contact with her former adversary, Dr Alex Thorne – the sociopath who has made it her life’s work to destroy Kim.

Desperate to catch the killer, Kim finds a link between the recent murders and an initiation prank that happened at the school decades earlier. But saving these innocent lives comes at a cost – and one of Kim’s own might pay the ultimate price.

11 Missed Calls by Elisabeth Carpenter

38236517Here are two things I know about my mother: 
1. She had dark hair, like mine. 
2. She wasn’t very happy at the end.

Anna has always believed that her mother, Debbie, died 30 years ago on the night she disappeared.

But when her father gets a strange note, she realises that she’s never been told the full story of what happened that night on the cliff.

Confused and upset, Anna turns to her husband Jack – but when she finds a love letter from another woman in his wallet, she realises there’s no-one left to help her, least of all her family.

And then a body is found…

From the Earth to the Shadows by Amanda Hocking (review here)

34964847Malin’s mission to avenge her mother’s murder has uncovered dangerous secrets. As a Valkyrie-in-training, Malin must slay immortals who’ve had their time, to maintain balance between humans and immortals. But her quest could destroy earth’s stability – and unleash chaos.

Just when she needs to focus, her friend Asher is in grave danger. He’s been dragged into the underworld, where vengeful immortals plot revolution. Malin believes her feelings mustn’t distract from her goal – but is desperate to rescue him. So she ventures into the darkest of realms, knowing she may not survive. With new allies at her side and new enemies ahead, Malin will face terrible choices. She’ll have to keep her head – or be ruled by her heart.

Briguella by Vicki Fitzgerald

36665372After seven women fall victim to a serial killer, journalist Kate Rivendale becomes embroiled in the manhunt. The authorities have no suspect, only one forensic link dating way back to the 1930s.

Detective Chief Inspector William Beckley needs to salvage his career; he has too many deaths on his conscience. Beckley entices Kate to go undercover, a decision which backfires with devastating consequences.

While DCI Beckley reaches a horrifying conclusion about the murderer Kate enters a desperate fight for her life… while battling to keep her own secrets buried.

Love from the Barricade by Ashley Granillo

36950151For the majority of her teenage life, Aijae lived in her head, writing fanfiction about boy bands. In college, she meets an eccentric pair of friends who immerse her into the Los Angeles, emo music scene. But when she is noticed by Memorable Edition’s adorable lead singer, her dream life turns into a nightmare.

Determined to work through the heartache and gossip, Aijae puts her past behind her and launches into a career as a music journalist. She also finds love again in a drummer for a New York-based indie band.

However, in one night, Aijae has to make the biggest decision of her life: to stay with her friends in Los Angeles, or relinquish the villainized image of herself and move to New York to be the person she always wrote herself out to be.

Chopped & Skrewed trilogy by Myunique C. Green

28594506It all began when Cayne slept with Philip, Vivica’s boyfriend—a mistake she desperately wishes she could take back.

After being kidnapped and held hostage in an unknown location, Cayne has somehow managed to stay alive well beyond the length they thought she could. But what happened to her was no accident or by some ill-fated stroke of bad luck. Vivica and Philip have been in the business of selling people to The Man for a long time and soon, the shoe is on the other foot—in a dramatic turn of events they must now escape the monster they once fed. Captured and held in the old warehouse they soon discover that not only is Cayne alive, but she now holds their life in her hands. For them, death won’t come so quickly.

Alright y’all, those are the ebooks I’ve gotten lately. As you can tell, most of these are thrillers, since that’s all I feel like reading at the moment! I’ve only read one of them, From the Earth to the Shadows by Amanda Hocking – you can read my review here.

If you liked this post and want to see more ebook hauls, please let me know 😊

Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments down bellow!!

Thank you for reading,
I’ll see you in my next post ♡

I Screwed Up… Book Haul 📚

So…. remember my last haul in which I said I had been very well-behaved this year? Yeah, scratch that hahaha

I then proceeded to buy a ton of books – mainly by Portuguese authors, since one of my goals is to read more national literature. And because that wasn’t enough, I ended up buying a ton of crime and thriller books when I pre-ordered A Court of Frost and Starlight… oops?

Alright, let’s get into the books…

Portuguese Authors

Talismã by Mário Zambujal

Serpentina by Mário Zambujal

Ensina-me a Voar Sobre os Telhados by João Tordo

O Homem que Escrevia Azulejos by Álvaro Laborinho Lúcio

A Máquina de Fazer Espanhóis by Valter Hugo Mãe

Um Estranho no Coração by Eduardo Sá

Em Teu Ventre by José Luís Peixoto

Cafuné by Mário Zambujal

Other Nationalities

Cinco Esquinas by Mario Vargas Llosa

The Forgotten Girls by Sara Blædel

The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne

A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair by Joël Dicker

The Nightmare by Lars Kepler

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

The Loving Husband by Christobel Kent

The Girl with a Clock for a Heart by Peter Swanson

Alright, those were the physical books I got from March until now. I better calm down with my book-buying, otherwise I will never get to the bottom of my TBR pile 😩

Question: would you like to see ebook hauls as well? I’ve gotten a few from authors and publishers in the last few months. Let me know!


Have you gotten any books this year? Let me know all about them in the comments down bellow!!

Thank you for reading,
I’ll see you in my next post ♡

Quarterly Book Haul: Jan-Mar 2018

As you may remember from my bookish goals post, I am on a book-buying ban this year, since my TBR has gotten out of control 😬

Well, I am very happy to announce that, even though I have gotten books, none of them were bought by me with my own money, and there’s only three of them!! Additionally, I’ve read one of them already, so kudos to me 😋

Without further ado, here are the books that I’ve gotten since Christmas…


The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

This one came in my Fairyloot box, which was a Christmas present from my family. I still haven’t picked it up, but I’m 99% sure I’m going to love it 😋




The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor6b3799e4-b981-45e3-b76b-8686bfce909e

This one I’ve read – and reviewed – and it’s definitely going to be featured in my favorites list of 2018.

It was a gift from my lovely grandparents ♡



5c52c708-2434-411c-a2b2-a1a787f549f7The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne

This one was a gift from my mom. We happened to come across a table of books for 50% off and she saw me eyeing this one, so she bought it for me 😋

It’s a thriller – and, from the synopsis, it sounds like a domestic one -, so I’m sure I will love it. Can’t wait to get to it soon!

Okay, those are all of the books I’ve gotten in the last few months… as you can see, I’ve been very well-behaved, so I’m very proud!

I hope you enjoyed this haul, the next one will hopefully be as small as this one!

Have you gotten any books this year? Let me know all about them in the comments down bellow!!

Thank you for reading,
I’ll see you in my next post ♡


Hi everyone!! So as you might know, I have a youtube channel where I post bookish videos in Portuguese. However, I’ve been wanting to make videos in English as well, as sort of a complement to some of my blog posts.

Well, yesterday was the day I finally decided to film a video!! My huge AwesomeBooks order came in the mail, so I filmed an unboxing for you guys ♡

I’ll be uploading the videos to my study/organization channel, since I don’t really see a point in creating a third channel. Without further ado, let’s get to the books I got…

I only ordered thrillers/crime books, since it’s what I’ve been into lately (also, Fall is definitely thriller time).

Here’s a list of the books I got (click the title to buy with free worldwide shipping):

  1. Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson
  2. The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware
  3. The Dinner by Herman Koch
  4. The Ice Princess by Camilla Läckberg
  5. The Preacher by Camilla Läckberg
  6. The Stone Cutter by Camilla Läckberg
  7. The Bat by Jo Nesbø – 20th-anniversary edition is on sale!!
  8. Cockroaches by Jo Nesbø
  9. The Redbreast by Jo Nesbø
  10. Nemesis by Jo Nesbø
I linked to the cheapest edition of each book, but they have lots of different editions!

That’s all for today’s post! I really hope you enjoy the video, and please let me know if you’d like to see more of them, I’d love to make them for you 🙂

Are any of these books your favorite?

If you have any suggestions for videos I should make, leave them in the comments!!

Thank you for reading,
I’ll see you in my next video ♡

Haul: September 2017 ✧

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Video in Portuguese:

In September, like in every other month, I bought way more books than I read. I guess you could say I have a bit of a problem…

Let’s get to the books, shall we?

Firstly, I placed an order on AwesomeBooks, which consisted of 8 books:

  • The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Who Got Trapped in an IKEA Wardrobe by Romain Puértolas
  • 11.22.63 by Stephen King
  • Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King
  • A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
  • The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen
  • Wildwood by Colin Meloy
  • The Book Thief by Marcus Suzak
  • Atonement by Ian McEwan – I have to read this one for my English class

Around its release date, I ordered The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding by Alexandra Bracken, because it screams Halloween, and the hardback was on sale on BookDepository – who would pass up on that?

Lastly, there was a sale on the Wook website, which I took advantage of to buy:

  • Latin dictionary – how fun, I know
  • The Decipherment of Linear B by John Chadwick – more fun

  • Os Grandes Mistérios do Antigo Egito by Luís Manuel de Araújo, my professor (a book about the great mysteries of Ancient Egypt)

What about you, which books did you get?
Do you see any of your favorites in my haul? Tell me in the comments below ♡

Thank you so much for reading,
I’ll see you in my next post ♡